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Photography & Editing

Photos can change the World. They have done so over the Human History as they capture raw emotions and moments in their purest of forms. Dive in to a highly effective and impactful journey with us.

Videography & Editing

Everyone has a Story. Have you got yours? Can the world hear and feel your Story the way you do? Videos are possibly the most effective story-telling platforms. Here is your chance to tell your story like never before!

Creative Writing

Creativity is the Hallmark of Human Imagination. At the heart of creativity is Listening; listening to ones inner voices & the environment. In an age of information overflow & technological disruption, finding your creative self couldn't be more crucial. You are the HERO of your STORY. Tell it the way you Want!

Original Thinking

Leonardo Da Vinci, Tesla, Mozart, Tipu Sultan, Martin Luther King, represent original thinking and grit. In as much inspiring as their stories are, the core of original thinking is often left unrelatable primarily because of one reason: we don’t see the world as they did. When we find our own element and realize our innate abilities we too could be immensely original. Original thinking is not a celebration ; it’s a joy we all deserve, and yet, we stay removed from discovering our deepest of abilities, vulnerabilities and above all fearlessness. Be a part of this highly engaging series of sessions that will enable you to look at yourself like never before.

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