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Education Now is a movement and a project that is driven by the desire to place education at the forefront of national discourse while delivering viable models that work. Enough has been said & written about the evolving challenges of the 21st century that include climate change, poverty, healthcare, food security, & education amongst all. However, there aren’t enough conversations that challenge the status quo of the predominant education system across the world that was devised in post industrial revolution settings and at its heart are the principles of conformity and standardization testing. Isn’t this an irony that learning which is by far the most crucial objective of education, is often ignored or deliberations around it are termed as (alternative) Education.

On individual & collective levels, we are deeply impacted by all the Sustainable Development Goals*. However, education stands out as the crosscutting theme. The magic of education is to open up our minds to possibilities that we haven’t thought before yet students in our country are relentlessly made to go through a major portion of their formidable years in which creativity, curiosity & diversity are systematically undermined & crushed. Neither are they able to get desired jobs nor are they able to create jobs.

Education Now opens up viable options for the students to learn skills that matter and on the other hand Education Now shall advocate & lobby for taking broader & realistic look at the overall education system so that it is transformed, and not incrementally improved.

We reach out to you, the students, parents, teachers, and indeed anyone/ everyone interested in shaping our future through Education.